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1Card - Glow
1Card - Glow1Card - Glow1Card - Glow1Card - Glow
Price: Rs. 579

1Card is the next generation business card. Do check out www.1Card.in for complete details. Glow is the latest addition to 1Card suite. This 1Card has got a LED that glows up when the card is tapped to a NFC enabled phone.


Paper business cards are a 15th century innovation & 27 million of them are printed daily. However, 88% paper cards are thrown within a week. Only 8% are saved in an addressbook. Yet, it hurts when we run out of them when we need them the most. Paper business cards are inefficient, inconvenient, expensive & environment unfriendly.

1Card is a digital business card. It saves your contact details in a phone's addressbook with just a touch or scan. The receiver requires no app to be present or downloaded. Its fast & it always works. Just one 1Card is enough & you'd never have to worry about reprinting business cards!

Ordering 1Card Glow:

You don't need to provide any contact details while ordering 1Card. Upon receiving your 1Card just tap/scan it & fill in your details. In about 3 minutes you'd be ready to share your 1Card. 

Personalizing your 1Card :

1Card stores your profile in digital format. So, unlike normal business cards, you don't need to print anything over 1Card.

Your 1Card profile:

Your 1Card profile contains - name, photograph, short bio, company name, designation, phone numbers, email-ids, websites, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ profile links, office & home addresses. Except your name, everything else is optional. 1Card allows you to convey much more about you than a paper business card!

You can edit your 1Card profile as many times as you want.

Technical Details:

1Card is made of PVC & is waterproof.

1Card owners can take their profile offline with 1Card App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.linqs.OneCard&hl=en

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