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-7% LINQS Anti Metal NFC Tag Sticker (Set of 4) | NXP NTAG203 Chip | Universal Compatibility
LINQS Anti Metal NFC Tag Sticker (Set of 4) | NXP NTAG203 Chip | Universal Compatibility
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  • Regular NFC Tags don't work when applied directly to metal surfaces*. These On-metal tags work on metal & non metal surfaces.
  • These tags have a Ferrite layer that shields the NFC chip so that the tag can be affixed to a metal surface or gadget such as the back of a mobile phone.
  • The tag has a genuine NXP NTAG203 chip. It offers 144 bytes of memory. That tag is rewritable & can be made read-only.
  • Being NFC Forum Type 2 chip it has Universal Compatibility with every NFC device (Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry).
  • This tag is ideally suited for asset tagging, mobile payments, attendance systems, interactive screens, inventory management.

*The magnetic flux from NFC tag or reader/writer will induce eddy current on metal surface and generate a reverse magnetic field to offset the magnetic flux to cancel the communication.


Genuine NXP NTAG203 chip

Technical Specs:

- The NTAG203 is a NFC Forum Type 2 chip that is re-writable (re-programmable) & can also be locked (write protected).

- It has 144 usable bytes, which is sufficient for almost all types of NFC actions.

- It has unique 7 byte unique serial number.

- The tag is 26mm square with high quality adhesive on back & white paper face.

- The tag can easily be read from a distance upto 6 cm.

- Works with All NFC enabled phones, tablets & reader devices.

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