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-55% Cloudbook (Set of 3)
Cloudbook (Set of 3)Cloudbook (Set of 3)Cloudbook (Set of 3)
Price:    Rs. 599 Rs. 270
4 or more Rs. 375
10 or more Rs. 300
  • Product Code: CB002
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Cloudbook is a novel way to add notes & pictures to things. Know more about Cloudbook & how it can delight you here.

This is a set of 3 Cloudbook stickers. 

Cloudbook has been designed to look attractive, have a 3D feel, soft touch, scratch & stain resistent.

Cloudbook is 36mm wide & 55mm in length. This size is just suffcient to be noticeable easily, without affecting the aesthetics of the surface it's stuck on.

Cloudbook contains a NFC inlay by Smartrac, having NTAG203 chip by NXP that's performant & reliable.

Get your set of 3 Cloudbook now!

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