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SMARTRAC BullsEye NFC Tag (NXP NTAG213) - Set of 6 Stickers
SMARTRAC BullsEye NFC Tag (NXP NTAG213) - Set of 6 StickersSMARTRAC BullsEye NFC Tag (NXP NTAG213) - Set of 6 StickersSMARTRAC BullsEye NFC Tag (NXP NTAG213) - Set of 6 Stickers
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Set of 6 Smartrac BullsEye NFC Tag stickers with NTAG213 chip


  • One of the best tag size : reading performance ratio. Readable upto a distance of 5 cm.
  • Next gen. NXP NTAG213 chip. Compatible with all NFC phones & tablets.
  • Manufactured by Smartrac - the biggest manufacturer of NFC inlays.
  • Advanced features - Unique 7 byte serial number, UID mirroring, Password protection.


NXP NTAG213 is the new chip in NTAG family with advanced features. Its the successor of very popular NXP NTAG203 chip.

You can't go wrong with the industry's best-known all-purpose NFC tag- Smartrac BullsEye

It has a large aluminum antennae that imparts superior readability. BullsEye is larger in size compared to Smartrac Circus tags.

The tag is almost paper thin with white film face & adhesive back. You can stick it anywhere (except mettalic surfaces).


Technical Specs:

-The NTAG213 is a NFC Forum Type 2 chip that is rewritable & can be locked (write protected).

- It has 144 usable bytes, which is enough to store a long url or small vCard.

- 32-bit password authentication : a simple protection mechanism for data stored into the tag

- A UID ASCII mirror, which presents the serial number of the tag chip as an ASCII encoded string. which enables the IC's serial number to be mirrored as part of its encoded URL address. Thus, from an application perspective, every tag can be identified as unique without requiring that users encode tags with variable numbers.

- A 24-bit NFC counter, along with an ASCII mirror. This counts the number of interactions that occur between NFC devices and the tag and appends the total to a stored NDEF message.

- Integrated originality signature. This enables the detection of unauthorized NTag copies, thus providing a simple but powerful product authentication method.

- A new Fast Read command, designed to speed up tag registration in inline processes such as print media or product label manufacturing.

- The tag has white film face and adhesive backside.

-The tag's diameter is 38 mm & antenna size in 35 mm.

-It's suitable for all NFC applications except where really tiny size tag (like Smartrac Circus) is needed.


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