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AmILost Jelly Tag
AmILost Jelly TagAmILost Jelly TagAmILost Jelly TagAmILost Jelly TagAmILost Jelly TagAmILost Jelly TagAmILost Jelly Tag
Price: Rs. 299
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www.AmILost.in is the easiest way to recover your lost valuables.

Add AmILost tag to your keys, purse, bags, camera or anything valuable to you. 
If your valuable gets lost, someone who finds it can get your contact details from the tag.

These tags are smart yet usable by anyone. They contain a NFC chip which reveals your contact details just by touching the tag to a NFC enabled smartphone.
The same can be done with a SMS, QR Code or a hyperlink!

Each AmILost Tag is unique.

A tag's size is 30mm by 50mm & 4 mm thick. It has a smooth & soft feel, is flexible & comes in atrractive colors. If you lose your valuable, the tag would be hard to ignore by the finder of your valuable.

Don't wait to lose something before adding AmILost tags to your valuable things!



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