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-17% AmILost Card Tags (Set of 4)
AmILost Card Tags (Set of 4)AmILost Card Tags (Set of 4)AmILost Card Tags (Set of 4)AmILost Card Tags (Set of 4)
Price:    Rs. 440 Rs. 365
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  • Keys, bags, purses & other valuables often get lost. Innovative AmILost Tags helps to recover them.
  • These tags reveal your contact details to the person who finds your lost valuable to help him/her contact you for the return.
  • Each AmILost tag has an unique QR Code, web-link & SMS number: Either of these could be used by the finder to contact you. No mobile app is needed.
  • When you valuable is found, you immediately get an email with Google Map link & time.
  • Your contact details are updateable. The contact details remain private till the valuable is lost.

To know more : visit www.AmILost.in or watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBGSu2wdsxQ

The easiest way to recover your lost valuables

Losing your valuables could be extremely stressful and costly. A recent survey says that 26% of drivers have suffered losing their car key. Modern car locks & keys have become very sophisticated & so the cost of replacement has also increased. Insurance companies are now pushing for an extra key insurance cover. But, have you thought about what happens to a lost key. Research shows that in most case the key is spotted by some well-meaning individual. More often than not such kind people do not deposit the key with police because of the hassles involved. If only they had a way to know the contact details of it's owner, they might just call him/her.

If there are Tags that are smart to keep their contact details private till the point the thing is lost, look aesthetic & can be bought online at a very reasonable price, perhaps many would do that.

AmILost Tags are innovative smart tags that reveal your contact details after your key gets lost.

These tags are smart yet usable by anyone. These key tags use contain an unique QR Code, an Unique Id & a SMS number. Any of these could be used to get it's owner's contact details.

The owner's contact details are stored in the cloud, so updateable anytime & anywhere. Eg. if going abroad, the phone# can be changed without changing the tag.

The instant someone taps/scans the tag, you get an email alert with location..helping you to connect the dots.

You can also add a Reward Message for the finder of the valuable, to incentivize returning.

Each Tag is unique. A tag's size is 30mm by 50mm & 1 mm thick. It has a smooth & soft feel, is flexible & comes in attractive colors.

Don't wait to lose something!

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