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-13% LINQS - Smartrac Circus NTAG213 NFC Tags (Set of 8) | Small size, great performance!
LINQS - Smartrac Circus NTAG213 NFC Tags (Set of 8) | Small size, great performance!LINQS - Smartrac Circus NTAG213 NFC Tags (Set of 8) | Small size, great performance!
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Highlights :

  • Smartrac Circus is the industry's best known all-purpose NFC tag. It is compatible with all NFC phones/tablets/readers.
  • This tag is characterized by superior performance - compared to other tags of the same size. The tag's diameter is just 22mm making it ideal for applications where small size & great readability is a must.
  • The tag comes with the new NXP NTAG213 chip equipped with 144 bytes user memory with password protection. It also offers UID mirroring & interaction counter that makes it simple to uniquely identify a tag & # of times it was used.
  • All tags come with 100% Quality Assurance & are Performance Tested.
  • The tags are paper thin with strong adhesive on back & water resistant white PET film on front.


Genuine NXP NTAG213 chip

You can't go wrong with world's #1 manufacturer of NFC inlays!



• The tag's diameter is 22 mm & antenna size in 20 mm which is similar as the new One Rupee Indian coin. Small is pretty!

• It has NXP NTAG213 IC which is readable & writeable (i.e data can be overwritten). The chip can be locked(made read-only / write-protected). The chip can also be password protected.

• The chip has 144 bytes of user memory. This is ideal for small amounts of data, web links (URLs) or small vCard.

• The tag is paper thin. It can easily be stuck on any surface except metals(metal interferes with NFC's radio field).

• The tag is compliant with International Standards : ISO 14443 A & NFC Forum Type 2. This ensures it's readable/writable with all NFC devices.

• NXP NTAG213 is a new chip that features unique ID (UID) mirror functionality, which enables the IC's serial number to be mirrored as part of its encoded URL address. Thus, from an application perspective, every tag can be identified as unique without requiring that users encode tags with variable numbers.

• NXP NTAG213 Interaction Counter feature easily lets you know the number of times the tag has been scanned.


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