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LINQS NFC Developer Pro Kit NTAG210 NTAG213 NTAG215 NTAG216 Chips in Jelly Tag, Wristband, Card, Band and Sticker form factors
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A kit made for developers to try out various NFC chip types & sizes in sticker form factor.Money saver. For experimenting with NFC, starter kit lets you do trial & error at lowest cost.Most selling chips worldwide: 144 byes NTAG203, it's successor NTAG213 & 888 bytes NTAG216 chipsHelps i..
A durable NFC tag that can withstand water, high temperature & detergent during machine washing & drying.Enclosed within PPS shell is the popular NXP NTAG213 chip with 144 bytes of memory, re-writable & lockable.The tag has diameter of 25 mm which is small enough to be concealed & bi..
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