We’re LINQS. A young, Indian tech startup that wants to link the physical & digital worlds. We are building technology that would make it easy to touch any physical product with your smartphone to know more about it.

NFC is a beautiful technology that lets us do that. We have built a bunch of innovative NFC based products. 

In our journey with NFC, we had our share of bad experiences with NFC tags, sold by flimsy sellers, who neither understand the technology nor care about the customer. We spent a lot of time & money researching for the best quality NFC products. We were & are customers before we are sellers. 

In our products & interactions you would find an obsession for quality & customer service. We sell the highest quality products & strive to do that professionally.

You would always get what is said & promised. We ship everything within the promised dispatch date. When you send us an email, we make sure to reply to you on the same day if not in few hours.

If you need any advice or insights on NFC you'd see our excitement when you call or email us!

Lastly, we don't price our products ridiculously high.

Join our many many satisfied customers and give us a try today!

(LINQS is a product of Yuvera Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India.)